Introduction to Handgun

This Class is for:

  • Persons wanting to learn how to shoot a handgun
  • Persons considering buying a handgun for the first time
  • New Handgun owners
  • Persons who have previously fired a handgun but it has been a while

Topics include:

  • General handgun information
  • Choosing & buying a handgun and carrying bag or case
  • Handgun safety
  • Range procedures and commands
  • Fundamentals of shooting (Aiming, Hold Control, Breath Control, Trigger Control, Follow Through)

Classes Check-In begins at 9am.

Please complete your check-in at the store: have your Waivers signed, Gun Rentals & Ammo purchase (if needed)

Class begins promptly at 9:30 am.

Class consists of 1 hr of classroom, and 1 hr on the range.



  • Eye and Hearing Protection - Available for purchase
  • Serviceable Handgun or Revolvers - Rentals available at the store counter
  • Spare Magazines or Speed Loaders are suggested
  • 50 rounds of ammunition - Available for purchase
  • No tank tops or open toes
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